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Do Cheap Football Boots Effect Your Game On A Mental Level?

The best players in the game of soccer didn't get there by not believing the could be the best. The game is so ultra competitive that in order to reach the highest levels a player has to believe they can outperform everyone if they need to. In order to think this way there's a certain state of mind needed. You can call it confidence or whatever. The point is that being in a certain state of mind is crucial if you want to be a superior soccer player.

When someone steps out onto the field in a pair of cheap football boots, you have to question what's going  through their heads.

1.Do they feel they can play as good as players who have on more expensive options? Maybe some players feel  like if other players have on better shoes they'll be able to out hustle them on plays, do things more accurately or even just be a little more confident then they are. This can make a world of a difference.

2.Do they believe what they have on is going to enable them to get the most out of their skills? Some players don't have a lot of skills to begin with, so the few skills they do have it's going to be important to get the most out of them. Can an inferior quality pair of cleats help to do this?

3.Do they think that they'll be able to make the type of plays they need to make when they need to? This is going to usually come into play when a game is on the line. Making the right plays at the right time means being able to be accurate and make sure you defend well. If you feel you can't do this because of what you have on your feet, then this is going to effect you for sure.

4.Will they be able to mix it up with players who do have  on top flight soccer cleats? We're talking about being able to play aggressive defense when you need to. We mean being able to have good footwork without giving into the discomfort you might experience as a result. A good pair of athletic shoes protects your feet well, buy an inferior pair not so much.

All these are questions that probably goes through a players head when they don't have on the best athletic shoes. And if this is the case, then it becomes a mental thing. Yes, wearing inferior quality cleats can have an effect on someone mentally. This means even if they are indeed a good player, they certainly won't go out there and play like it. For someone who might have aspirations of playing at higher levels they can't afford this.

How do you get over the feeling that cheap football boots might give you?

The best answer to this question is to focus on getting a better deal on top brands versus getting something that was made cheap to begin with. You see, when you purchase off brand options these are made to not last long. You just aren't getting access to the same type of technology as you would  if you had on something better. Soccer is a game that's always evolving and if you don't stay ahead of the curve then it's easy to fall behind. You don't want this.

With lower cost options made from top tier brands you get the benefit of getting cheap football boots plus something you know is going to put you in the right state of mind. If the goal is to get a deal, then you can't go wrong with Nike. Nike has such a wide range of different shoe options out there that you can always find a deal if you look hard enough. One model you can get that's really inexpensive would be the Nike Magista Obra shoes. Getting a pair of these means you don't have to settle for less.

The Nike Magista Obra line is one of the most popular lines the company has. You've seen them on plenty of top tier soccer stars in the game. This is why they continue to sell well to this day. Purchasing from the main site though usually isn't the way to go. You can find more affordable Nike Magista Obras on specialty websites that cater to a certain type of player. Using the phrase low cost works better than using the word cheap as far as Nike Magistas go.

Can you really get top tier cleats like these for a lower price?

Finding a pair of low cost Nike Magista Obras is easy because there's more than one online resource that caters to the player wanting a deal. What happens is they usually purchase a lot of the unsold shoes from other stores or they order them from other places. Once they have them they can offer them at a good discount. So now you're getting a pair of good soccer shoes, but not paying nearly as much money for them.


Your mental state is very important when you step out onto the soccer field, because some games are going to be very rough while others are going to be very sloppy. You need to keep your confidence high if you hope to perform at a high level. This is what's going to help make you into a consistently good player that the other team won't be able to ignore.

Lower cost off brands options are good for certain levels of play, but not if the goal is to really compete at a higher level. You want the best, but you don't want to break the bank in order to get them. A pair of Nike Magista Obra shoes is a good low cost option,but they aren't the only option. In the places where you can find these for bargain prices you can also find other options you might like.