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  • Highly Popular And Super Exclusive Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Released

    They are back! Earlier this week, Nike re-released a limited number of the highly popular and super exclusive Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG Soccer Cleats Black/White/Game Royal. It is a case of “back by popular demand” as the initial collaboration release sold out within hours.

    There is a touch of class about these, highlighted by exquisite detailing on the box and some finite design elements on the boots themselves. Given their high price point we wanted to bring you an up close look so you know exactly what you are getting should you look to invest in a pair.

    First thing to note and highlight about these is the box that they come in. This is not your standard release, as Nike introduce their artistic touch before you even get to the actual boots. A paint splash style pattern covers the walls of the box, with a black top correlating with the boot’s upper design.

    There are also plenty of logo’s in play, with Neymar’s text style logo and the signature Jordan “Jumpman” leaving you without doubt as to what you will find inside. That is, of course, as long as you know what Neymar and Michael Jordan are!

  • The Nike Mercurial Superfly Is Available Here

    To celebrate the launch of the CR7 Chapter 3: Discovery, Nike has also introduced a striking new Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Soccer Cleats White/Blue/Black. This version encompasses a modern take on the version of Mercurial Vapor 1, the boots Ronaldo wore back in 2003.

    The new upper features a wave style micro-line design, while a bright Volt design on the heel links this NikeiD offering to the boots it celebrates. If you are looking to customize the boots, you can select between three soleplate options pending where you play, add a number, up to five letters or one of 16 national flags to the side of the upper.

    The Nike Mercurial Superfly is available here.The new Mercurial’s anatomical plate is aligned with the natural contours of the foot, eliminating the gap that previously existed underfoot. Additionally, the boot’s soleplate is 40% lighter than the carbon fiber plate it replaces, yet it is stronger and more responsive. The traction system of the Mercurial has also been revamped for speed.


    If you’re a fan of ADIDAS ACE soccer boots, then you want to make sure you keep up with their newest releases. This is even more true if they are going to be limited edition versions. The ADIDAS ACE 17 boots would qualify. The regular colorway these ADIDAS ACE 17+ PURECONTROL SPORTS DIRECT KICKS RED come with is going to be the last to ever be released. So you’ll want to snatch up a pair while you can. Here’s some of what you can expect at sportsdirectkicks.co.uk

    • The CHEAP ADIDAS ACE 17 boots aren’t plain looking, but this doesn’t mean things are overdone with them. The primary colorway is white, and there’s a contrasting black techfit collar as well.
    • The last ever regular colorway of the CHEAP ADIDAS ACE cleats are going to come with a color gradient located in the midfoot area. This area is going to be blue, torquise and light green.
    • The color ADIDAS ACE 17+ PURECONTROL SPORTS DIRECT KICKS RED design for these is something players/wearers are going to be very familiar with. There’s the splatter graphic pattern, and then there’s the Adidas logo located in the heel area of the shoe. The logo is black.
    • Adidas has blended the upper portion of the shoe with a primarily black sole plate. This comes with six blue studs that are going to help add an additional layer of traction for surfaces that require it such as artificial ones.
    • All of the same features you want with these that you got with past editions are going to be included with these. So no need to worry about this.
    • These ADIDAS ACE 17+ PURECONTROL SPORTS DIRECT KICKS RED shoes are created for players who are known to create chaos on the pitch out there. These come with a super thin synthetic upper, which makes for a close ball touch as well as a high ankle collar in order to provide a sock like fit.

    These ADIDAS ACE 17+ PURECONTROL shoes might not come off as anything special for the player who is serious about what they put on their feet, but they are indeed. The design patterns are special and the quality is up to par the way players expect it to be with these.

    There isn’t any one type of player that these are made for. These 2017 ADIDAS ACE 17+ PURECONTROL SPORTS DIRECT KICKS RED can work for any type of player, whether fast and high energy or slower and more methodical. These aren’t going to be out for a long time, so players who want to snatch up a pair will need to do so quickly before they become tough to find.

    You can be sure that these are going to be worn by some of the top tier players around the world as well. These are players who care about style, fit as well as utility. You get the complete package with a pair of these 2017 ADIDAS ACE 17+ PURECONTROL for sure. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you get the right size so that you can get the most out of these. Besides from this the Adidas ACE 2017 boots are going to be unique and certainly something players will take great pride in wearing on the field. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendly match, practice or a serious match.

  • Awsome Volt Nike Magista Obra 2 Football Boots Are Available Now

    How fast are you right now when it comes to your soccer game? Do you feel like you possess the speed you need to in order to be a factor out there? Well here’s the thing, there’s isn’t a pair of New Nike Magista Obra II FG football boots Volt/Black/Total Orange/Pink Blast/HyperTurquoise that you can just put on that would make you much faster than you are now. You need to work at this in order to improve your speed overall. You do possess natural speed though and this is what you want to be able to maximize when you’re out there. If you’re able to do this then its going to make a big difference in your game.

    The problem is if you purchase the wrong type of Magista Obra 2 cleats you’re going to suffer through some problems. Here’s a list of some of these problems:

    Your bursts of speed are going to be effected because you won’t be able to put all you can into it. Quality Nike Magista Obra II FG football boots cleats have a way of effecting you in this way. This is usually because they are heavier and they make your feet feel bulkier than what they really are. Others players around you might not have this issue and it’s going to put you at a serious disadvantage out there.

    Your ability to get up and down the field as fast as you need to are going to suffer. Getting up and down the field might not seem like it’s a big deal in terms of doing it fast. However, being fast up and down the field makes a big difference when it comes to the transition game. If you aren’t able to get on defense fast enough or can’t get back on offense quick enough, then opportunities can be lost.

    The ability to make the turns you need to make is going to be effected. Bulkier cleats have a tendency to do this to you. In many cases they just make it hard for you to be as agile as you need to be out there. You’ll find that it takes much more energy to do simple things and this is going to wear you down in play. You don’t want to go through this do you?

    Getting a pair of new Nike Magista Obra FG cleats is the answer you’re looking for if you want to enhance your natural speed. A pair of cheap Magista Obra 2016-2017 cleats are going to help you to be the fast player you know you can be. You can trust that with these on your feet any natural ability you have is going to be greatly improved. This is what you get when you go top of the line with a pair of these.

    Nike Magista Obra cleats can be found at different places around the internet at sportsdirectkicks.co.uk but its best that you do your research before making a choice about where you’ll buy. The difference in what you’ll pay can vary from place to place. You want the best deal you can get.

  • Best deals with Metallic Bronze Nike Hypervenom Phantom II

    Providing a metallic makeover on the Liquid Chrome Pack , Metallic Bronze Nike Hypervenom Phantom II football boots with free shipping at sportsdirectkicks.co.uk.Nike polish up the bronze and place the cheap Hypervenom on the podium with a design that doesn't necessarily sit in third place.

    A surprisingly unfamiliar paint job on football footwear the "Metallic Bronze" and black detailing compliment each other well as Nike add a two-toned edge to their latest on-pitch collection. A change in colour direction from the recent Electro Flare Pack but that metallic sparkle is retained for an added dazzle of visibility under the floodlights this winter.

    Tech wise the Hypervenom Phantom II stands away from the Superfly IV and Magista Obra as it mixes the FlyKnit collar with an enhanced mesh upper and NikeSkin rather than using FlyKnit throughout the upper and build of the boot. As per usual the Phantom is accompanied by a low-cut Phinish as Nike continue to deliver standard editions of their boots for players who haven't warmed to the Dynamic Fit Collars, and there's a fair few of them.

    To be quick and agile on your feet, a light pattern of conical studs allows for quick direction change and response. This is further aided by a split-toe design, a subtle feature which could make all the difference to your game.

  • Produce Better On The Field With Urban Lilac Nike Mercurial Superfly

    Do you want to be productive when you’re out there on the soccer field? If you want to be productive first you have to understand what being productive means? Do you want to produce steals? Do you want to produce opportunities out there for other players who might be more skilled than you? Do you want to produce goals or at least goal opportunities? No matter what it is you want to produce out there it’s going to be important that you wear the right Nike Mercurial Superfly cleats in order to help you do this.

    Wearing the wrong cheap superfly cleats has a negative effect because they hinder you. For instance, the player who wants to produce steals is going to have a hard time doing this is their shoes don’t allow them to mix it up hard with players on the other team. What you need are a pair of the best to help you do this. This is what you get with the Nike Mercurial Superfly AG/R - Urban Lilac/Black/Bright Mango/White cleats. There are a few reasons why these can help you to be a more productive player out there. Let’s take a look at a few:

    • These are made to help you to be faster-The materials are light, which allows you to get up and down the field as you need to in order to take advantage of opportunities when they come up. You’ll be able to position yourself better and faster.
    • These are made to help you get better touch on the ball-This comes in handy when you’re trying to control the ball or when you actually do get a shot on goal. Your accuracy will be better, which means opportunities won’t go wasted.
    • These are made to help you have superior traction-The field can be the enemy of the player can’t use the field the way it’s supposed to be used. You must be able to control yourself well on it in order to play good defense and offense. Superior traction can be yours with the Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016 football boots.

    How do you measure how good a player is? Do you look at how much effort they give out there on the field? Do you look at how hard they go when they mix it up with other players on defense or when they have the ball on offense? The best way we feel a player should be measured is based on the results they produce. These are definites and when you have them you’ll always be a very valuable player to your team. You must have the right superfly cheap shoes on in order to ensure your ability to produce isn’t hindered in any way.

    A pair of new Nike Mercurial Superfly cleats at sportsdirectkicks are made to help you produce as much as you need to . All you would need to contribute is the effort and the heart. This will give you that one two punch you need to be a real force out there the way you want to be.

  • Shop elite level Nike Magista Obra 2016-2017 Tech Craft

    A midfielder’s dream comes to life with the Tech Craft Magista Obra. Soccer was never the same after Nike introduced the Dynamic Fit Collar and Flywire in 2014 with the original Magista, and now the next evolution takes place with leather providing even better touch and control.

    It’s everything a playmaker needs knitted together in one cleat.

    Canvas, Volt and Black. The new Nike Magista Obra Tech Craft Leather Soccer Cleats introduce a striking design of the Nike Magista Tech Craft Cleats, officially released on November 10.

    In August 2015, Nike launched the totally cheap Nike Magista Obra Boots featuring a super soft Kangaroo leather upper in the touch area for the first time in the history of the silo, part of the all-new Nike Tech Craft Pack Kangaroo Leather Football Boots Collection.

    The second paint job of the Nike Magista Obra Kangaroo Leather Soccer Boots combines the striking colors Volt and Canvas to make a bold statement on the pitch. While the rear area of the Nike Magista Obra Tech Craft Pack 2016 Boots Colorway is Volt, the extra layer of Kangaroo leather in the forefoot area is gold-colored, creating a bold half-and-half design.

    This Tech Craft Magista Obra 2016-17 features the same elite level performance features you're used to, but with a super soft leather layer in high ball-contact aread for even better touch. Shop sportsdirectkicks now to get your Tech Craft leather Magista Obra cleats.

  • Popular Tech Craft Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016 for sale

    The Nike Mercurial Superfly Tech Craft showcases as the eptiome of composing a football boot which combines modern technology with traditional materials. The Nike Superfly is Nike’s premium speed boot and the nike tech craft edition incorporates a layer of high quality K-Leather upon the upper to enhance touch and feel on the ball. Today – we have the Canvas/Volt colourway which poses as the second edition of the Tech Craft treatment.

    The comfort of the Tech Craft Superfly’s are very similar to its standard version. For a speed boot the comfort is pretty good and the Dynamic Fit collar hugs the ankle well but not too intensly. The only slight issue is the heel tab which can rub against the back of the foot potentially causing blisters.

    The fit of the nike mercurial superfly 2016 boots are definitely snug. It’s a slight struggle to get your foot on the cheap Superfly due to the Dynamic Fit collar and once in and fully laced-up the Flyknit upper and Brio cables really hug around the foot for added lock-down. Although not overly narrow in the mid-foot, wide footed players may have some concerns with the nike superflys.

    The Tech Craft Superfly does a great job of combining an array of modernistic technologies with traditional materials. The responsiveness of the Dynamic Fit collar, Brio cables,Nike Flyknit Superfly, and carbon fiber sole plate will increase the performance qualities of the boots while the addition of K-Leather brings the player a more pleasurable expereince when touching and striking the ball.

    Overall, although the Dynamic Fit collar and unique colour-way won’t be for everyone’s preference – the Tech Craft edition of the Superfly is a revolutionary concept,be sure to check more at sportsdirectkicks.co.uk

  • Hottest Nike Tech Craft Hypervenom Phantom II Gold Volt 2016

    Lethal agility synthetics combined with touch enhancing leather – Nike officially launch follow-up Tech Craft Hypervenom Phantom II 2016,Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Leather FG - Canvas/Black/Volt football boots online.

    The original Tech Craft hit the Hyper venom sale in a classic colour-way of understated Black/Total Orange which proved favourable with the traditionalists of the game, however the second edition of the leather-finished silo will appeal to the modernists through a Gold/Volt display.

    The cheap Hypervenoms Phantom II has been issued the revolutionary Tech Craft treatment of a leather layer applied upon its NikeSkin upper in unmistakable Gold, whilst the heel cup and iconic Dynamic Fit collar completes the block design in striking Volt.

    Completing the Tech Craft Phantom II in style sees trademark Nike Swoosh’ handed black trim which flow across the toe-box to the medial side panel, and additionally at the lateral heel cup region.

    Although the colour-way poses as arguably one of the most eye-catching demonstrations within the boot market, it is unlikely to receive substantial professional representation due to contracted players preferring the standard 2016 Hypervenom Phantom II version.

    If the cheap Hypervenom Phantom II is above your price range you can try the cheapest football boots at sportsdirectkicks.co.uk

  • Best Nike Magista Obra 2016-2017 Boots Gold White Released

    The most remarkable element of the Nike Magista Obra 2016-2017 Boots is the one-of-a-kind upper structure. Whereas the previous generation of the Nike Magista Obra Boots featured a clearly structured upper that resembled the look of honeycombs, the Magista Obras soccer cleats come with a newly developed 'Ball Texture' that features a less distinctive but more grossly design.The cheap Nike Magista cleat also introduces Nike Flywire strings to the agility silo, made for more lockdown. This puts the Nike Magista Obra 2016 Boot on the same level as the Nike Hypervenom Phantom and Nike Mercurial Superfly Boots, which also feature Nike's trademark technology.

    The best Nike Magista Obra Boot comes without an external heel counter but with an all-new protective supernatural Framework midsole in the inner area, made for more stability and protection. The new Nike Magista Obra 2016-2017 Boots also feature a totally new sole plate design. Whereas the first generation of the boot solely featured conical studs for rotational agility.

    The Nike Magista Obra 2016-2017 Soccer cleats comes with a mixture of four remarkable bladed studs and ten rounded studs. In fact, the circular layout of the triangular studs reminds us of the one known from Nike's ultimate speed boot, the Nike Mercurial Superfly.However, whereas the leaked picture already reveal all tech features of the cheap magista boots, they give us just a first impression of the visual design (The next-gen Nike Magista Obra 2016-2017 football boots.

    The gold Nike Magista Obra 2016-2017 Boot Colorway combines the main color white for the outlined Swooshes on the rear area and the instep of the boots. On the heel area is the Magista branding. The All-new upper and sole plate. What do you think of the Cheap Nike Magista Obra Premium FG - Touch of Gold at sportsdirectkicks.co.uk ?

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