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Nike Football Boots

Nike Football Boots give you the traction needed on soccer fields with natural grass as well as certain field turf surfaces. Often called “FG” football boots our select products include the best from Nike. Each pair of cleats is designed to take your game to the next level.

When deciding which firm ground cleat is right for you each player will usually consider the overall design, the upper cleat material and the cleat pattern. The upper portion of the shoe, the top of the cleat, is either leather or synthetic material. Each shoe caters to a different type of player, varying in weight and focusing in on select features designed to enhance ball control, power and give you better touch.

The bottom of the shoe, the cleat, is what gives players the traction they need while running on the soccer field during games and practice. In general the three types of cleats are hard ground, round and bladed. Each cleat has its own unique features designed for ultimate traction and grip. It’s best to find a cleat pattern that fits nicely to avoid any uncomfortable pressure points. Shop sportsdirectkicks today and save on all of your favorite cleats!


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